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After a reiki session, clients experience illuminated radiance, a sense of inner peace, and alignment with their soul’s purpose. Reiki is a Japanese system from the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui, who discovered how to channel life force energy and how to attune his students to this healing art. Reiki promotes relaxation and emotional and energetic balancing. Reiki is supportive to all bodies and spirits, as it cleanses the energy field, flowing naturally to where it is needed for the highest good. The flow of life force energy, or chi, clarifies our connection to our own inner knowing and activates the natural healing processes of our energy and physical bodies.About Reiki


We are a collective of female reiki practitioners whose healing is informed and heightened by our mystical and intuitive gifts. Our practitioners have been trained in energy healing, psychology, archetypal symbolism, and mystical traditions of healing, and we specialize in working with women to reestablish connection to the divine feminine. We believe that energy healing is a sacred task, and we bring the highest levels of professionalism, care, and devotion to each of our clients.