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ABOUT REIKI: After a reiki session, clients experience illuminated radiance, a sense of inner peace, and greater alignment with their purpose. Reiki is a Japanese system from the tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui, who discovered how to channel life force energy and how to attune his students to this healing art. Reiki promotes relaxation, as well as emotional and energetic balancing. Reiki is supportive to all bodies and spirits as it cleanses the energy field, flowing naturally to where it is needed for the highest good. The flow of life force energy, or chi, clarifies our connection to our own inner knowing, and activates the natural healing processes of our energy and physical bodies.

ABOUT ME: My name is Laura and I am a certified reiki practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui. I have been studying energy medicine for ten years when, like a light switch turning on, I began to perceive my own energy field, the energy of others, and the energy held by specific places. I have learned to work with the energy body to promote relaxation, healing, and inner growth by studying healing traditions such as Reiki and Shamanic Light Body Work with experienced teachers. I give myself healing reiki daily and receive energy medicine treatments from others to ensure my own energy body is functioning optimally.

MY APPROACH TO SESSIONS: Before sessions, I tune my practice space to the high vibrations of reiki in order to create sacred space. I spend time clearing and grounding my own energy field so that I can be a clear channel for you. Sessions consist of gentle touch wherein I channel reiki and assess how energy is flowing in the subtle light body. This way, I can identify places where the body is holding energy that seeks to be released. The process of reiki connects clients to their higher self and opens pathways that allow for previously unseen insights and greater alignment. Reiki is simultaneously deeply relaxing, as well as activating to the energy body, and no two sessions are alike. The energetic effects of a session often last for a week, while the positive steps taken after a reiki session can last a lifetime. I very much enjoy working with individuals who are new to reiki and are learning to navigate energetic protection, balancing, and replenishment for the first time. I teach these skills to anyone who is looking to have greater agency in their lives by working more closely with their personal energy field.

Reiki has brought so much harmony to my life and I seek to share this gift with others. I express my devotion to this work by bringing care to every aspect of my sessions. If you have additional questions about my approach, I would look forward to speaking with you!

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